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Harrisons Flyer winning at Bath

UK Racehorse ownership including...

  • A personal certificate of racehorse ownership.
  • Owners racing tickets (subject to allocation).
  • Access to a private Racing Shares owners only website area.
  • Your share of prize money won by your horse.
  • Fully inclusive ownership for a full 12 months..
  • 12.5% of all Racing Shares racehorses prize money awards are donated to racehorse welfare.
  • All horses are allocated to Racing Shares ownership only.
  • Gold and Platinum shares include option to renew after 12 months at a fixed annual fee guaranteed.
  • Presentational gift package and is included with every level of ownership.
  • Stable open days where you can meet your horse and the training staff, plus informal stable visits for all shareholders.
  • Regular email, telephone, SMS and website racing updates and plans, all included with all shares.
  • Open communications including online discussions.
  • Ownership where horse welfare is the highest priority.
  • Real involvement including the naming of new racehorses.
  • High quality photograph of your chosen racehorse.
  • Option to post date your share ownership start date, i.e. 25th December 2010 for a Xmas Gift.


Buy Online...

Four levels of racehorse ownership:

  • Silver - Starting at only 89 for 12 months ownership, with prize money going to racehorse welfare charities and towards future RS horse retirements.
  • Gold - Racehorse ownership for the racing enthusiast,  1% shares, our racehorse shares include full training and racing costs for the first twelve months.
  • GoldPlus - for 2.5% ownership shares of a racehorse.
  • Platinum - 10% Racehorse ownership for the racing enthusiast, family or group.
  • Racehorse Sponsorship - Racehorse involvement for business with silks sponsorship.
  • Miniature Jockey Silks - Now available in Racing Shares colours.
  • Racehorse Drawings - Treat someone to a unique drawing of their racehorse.

Dedicated to racing...

Our goals and commitments to you.

  • Making horse ownership affordable and fun.
  • In our 5th year of racehorse syndication.
  • Stable Open Days where our owners can meet the horses, trainers, stable staff and see behind the scenes of racing.
  • Supporting Racehorse Charities and good causes.
  • High quality racehorses stabled and trained by Milton Bradley and Eric Alston.
  • No unexpected costs, all shares are fully inclusive with guaranteed fixed costs for renewals.
  • No risk racehorse ownership.
  • Ensuring all of our horses are cared for after their racing career and supporting racehorse rehabilitation charities.
  • Choose from four different racehorses.
  • Going racing across the UK.
  • Public Raceday Photos page.

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