Fran with Bullseye

Introducing Nuppend Farm Stud

Nuppend Stables in Gloustershire are around 5 miles from the main training stables in Sedbury, near Chepstow and offer our horses over 30 acres of peaceful grazing and space to unwind and relax when on a training break.

The stables also have facilities for mares and foals including oversized stables and open barns and fields are divided into horse types.

Fran Fenley is a Racing Shares partner and owns/manages Nuppend Farm Stud and has an excellent record in breeding and raising race and sport horses.

The stables also have a pony livery for smaller guests.

Racing Shares foals and yearlings will be raised at Nuppend before race training with Milton Bradley. 


The Nuppend Approach...

Mares and foalsAt Nuppend they believe in allowing horses to completely relax during their downtime from the stresses of race training.

With the younger horses, they are always lead in pairs and the stables approach to behaviour problems is not based on discipline, they use distraction for misbehaviour and rewards for good behaviour.

When a horse comes out of training and transfer to Nuppend it normally take around a week to adjust to the new routines. But they soon begin to enjoy the unlimited hay supplies, field barns to explore and large fields to run freely in.

All the stables have social windows to the adjoining stabling and the stables have double depth straw beds, the ultimate in horse luxury!

The stables are very welcoming and we hold quarterly open days for all Racing Shares shareholders and private visits for shareholders in horses raised or staying at Nuppend.

Racing Shares racehorses will go to Nuppend when they are on an extended rest period or out of training.

Each of the horses offered in the Racing Shares/ Nuppend Stud partnership are divided into 52 shareholdings, 50 Gold shares (50%), 2 Platinum Shares (20%), the cost of the Gold shares can be reduced by allocating prize money above the normal Racing Shares racehorse rehabilitation donation towards racing costs, the remain 30% of each horses is retained by Nuppend/RS.

All shares have the option of renewing after 12 months at the rate assigned to each horse, click here for a full breakdown of Gold and Platinum share costs.

Click to enlarge - Enjoy The MagicClick to enlarge - Enjoy The BuzzAll shareholders in any of the RS/Nuppend horses will also be able to apply for raceday tickets when other Nuppend racehorses are running, the current Nuppend racehorses with ticket allocation assigned to us are:

  • Enjoy The Buzz (in training with Milton Bradley)
  • Enjoy The Magic (pictured right and in training with Eric Alston)

Latest news on Abbie's new foal

Feb 22nd 2006 - Abbie is showing signs that she will be earlier than  march 11th.

Feb 23rd - Vet visits Abbie to run tests to give her clearance for her upcoming visit to Tweenhills for foaling.

Feb 28th - Abbie's udder is filling, best estimate is foal will be born in the next seven days.

Mar 5th - Abbie is expected to go to Tweenhills in the next few days. Updates to follow...

March 6th 2006 - Abbie foaled an all bay filly at 11am this morning! both mare and foal are doing well, photos to follow soon....

Abbie with Rosie (at 3 days old)

Abbie with her foal - March 6th 2006

Click to enlarge - 15 mins after foal is born Click to enlarge - After 1 hour



Racing Shares Horses Currently at Nuppend Farm Stud


Unnamed Yearling

Click to enlarge - After 1 hourShares are available in Abbie's foal born on 6th March 2006, the foals sire is Primo Valentino who's progeny have sold for up to 85k at public auction.

Abaklea "Abbie" is a 1/2 sister to an Italian listed class horse and her  sire is Doyoun, her Dam is Akbala a 1/2 sister to 8 winners including a group winner and multiple group/listed places.

She was bred by HRH The Aga Khan and the foal is bred to be a flat 6-8 furlong racehorse.

Click here for unnamed foals background, progress and plans.

Shares available.  Gold 425, Gold+ 950  and Platinum 4000



Click to enlarge"Rosie" (race name to be decided in January 2007), was born in March 2005 at Tweenhills stud.

Her sire is Ishiguru who's progeny have sold for up to 100k at public auction. Her Dam is Abaklea,  1/2 sister to an Italian listed class horse and her  sire is Doyoun, her Dam is Akbalea a 1/2 sister to 8 winners including a group winner and multiple group/listed places.

The stallion/dam combination means she is likely to be a sprinter and we expect her optimum distance to be 5-6 furlongs.

Click here for Rosie's background, progress and plans.

Shares available. Gold 425



Click to enlarge - Bullseye"Bullseye" (race name to be decided in April 2006), was born in April 2004.

His sire is Enjoy The Buzz who is from Northern Dancer bloodline and his dam is Moody Madam from Sadler's Wells bloodline.

He is a striking three year old colt with good confirmation and a superb attitude.

The stallion/dam combination and look of the horse indicate a mix of speed and stamina with National Hunt form through the dam side of his pedigree.

Click here for Bullseye's background, progress and plans.

Shares available.  Gold 425, Gold+ 950  and Platinum 4000



 Click to enlarge - Some of the resident mares

 Click to enlarge - The colts coming over to investigate

Mares relaxing in February 2006

Colts playing in February 2006