Racing Shares Owners Share Renewals
  • All shareholders have a guaranteed renewal option up to expiry date.

  • Pay online using any major debit/credit card or cheque option available at checkout.

  • On renewal we will send you a new certificate (or confirm continuation of share for gold/platinum) and the latest racing photo.

  • You may renew shares up to 3 months before expiry, and share will be extended by 12 months from your share expiry date.

  • Gold shareholders will be sent their prize money by cheque at share anniversary.

  • Silver shares prize money allocation is donated to The ROR and towards future RS horse retirements.

  • Shares will be made available for resale after 14 days at expiry if not renewed.

Gold Shares

1% Shares

Our Angel - 250  per 1% share.

Ishiadancer - 250 per year per 1% share.

2.5% Shares

Our Angel - 575 per 2.5% share.

Rosie - 575 per year per 2.5% share.



Silver Shares