Frequently asked questions...

I don't live in the UK can I still become a shareholder?
Anyone can become a shareholder and we have shareholders from many countries around the world including a number of expats. Thanks to the internet following your racehorse has become possible anywhere. We can also arrange for a private stable visit or overseas shareholders visiting the UK on business or leisure.

How do I know when my horse is racing?
Race entries are listed within your private owners only website area and we update you by your chosen method.

How are shares divided?
We are flexible on our shares divisions but we try to distribute in the following format:-

Horses divided by Silver, Gold and Platinum

  • 12.5% Silver (1% partner promotions) - maximum of 100 shares

  • 12.5% Retained by Racing Shares

  • 3% Promotion of Racing Shares

  • 45-60% - Gold maximum of 45 shares

  • 10% Platinum - maximum of 1 share

Or horses divided by Gold and Platinum only

  • 50% Gold - maximum of 50 shares

  • 20% Platinum - maximum of 2 shares

  • 30% Retained by Racing Shares / Nuppend Farm Stud

Why are costs so low?
Racing Shares is set up by horse racing enthusiasts who do not make their living from horses. We operate on a non-profit making basis, and accounts are open to inspection.

How quickly do you deliver?
We aim to deliver your personalised pack is with you as quickly as possible, delivery times are 2/3 days in the UK, 5/7 days Europe and approx 10 days USA and rest of world. If your order is a gift and required quickly for a special occasion we can deliver next working day or fastest air mail if overseas, at the checkout page in our shopping cart within the special instruction box please state next day delivery required (by 10am for next business day), this faster delivery option is free of charge.

Will owning racehorse shares make me rich?
No. Or at least its very unlikely, only the very best horses make a profit for their owners, there's always a chance one of our or partners horse will be the next horse superstar but realistically this is very much a long shot. You will certainly have some ups and downs with your horse and going to the races as an owner no matter where it finishes is a priceless experience.

How often should I expect my horse to win?
Winning is always only a possibility, our trainers target races the horse should be competitive in and put up a good performance. Horse racing involve many ups and down, but you can be sure your horse will always be running to its best ability. We do not line up gambles or betting stings but can promise if your horse wins you'll feel a million dollars!

How do I get free tickets for the races?
We have a limited number of tickets for each race, and these are allocated by application, Platinum shareholders are guaranteed tickets, our trainers normally provide extra tickets as they usually race other horses from their training yard on the day. We average over 90% allocation to gold share holders who apply, with most other applicants being allocated 1/2 price tickets.

Can I pay in currencies other than UK 's?
We currently accept payments in , US $ and Euros, at the secure payment provided by WorldpayTM when making your payment by credit or debit card you can the change currency and the current Bank of England exchange rates are applied displaying the payment in your chose currency.

What happens if my horse is unable to race?
If your horse is unable to race (maybe due to an injury), then you will be allocated a substitute horse to follow from the same stables with no extra charge. The alternative horse share will have no prize money entitlement. 

Will I be the registered owner of the horse with Weatherbys?
No, Racing Shares horses are registered with Weatherbys by us and all liability is ours. Your ownership agreement is a private agreement this allows us to provide a low cost, straightforward and hassle free racehorse ownership service.

Will we get tips for the races?
We provide you with the realistic chances of your horse prior to every race. We also have a discussion section for owners to share information, though only recommend betting for fun.

Where in the country will my horse race?
We do not place any distance limitations on our trainers and hope to race as many UK racecourse as possible.

Who chooses the horses name?
Most of our racehorses already have a racing name when they are available to shareholders, when we have unnamed horses we ask for suggestions and select the name that is the most popular by shareholder vote. Stable names are chosen by the stable staff who look after the horse and can change occasionally, one of our horses has at least three stable names!!