Owners And Trainers Ticket

Ticket Allocation

When one of our horses run we have 6-8 free owners tickets available to distribute to our shareholders.

All share holders are eligible to apply for free tickets with Platinum and GoldPlus  owners guaranteed tickets for every run. Gold owners are guaranteed a pair of tickets on their 1st application per calendar year.

We contact all shareholders via their preferred method (SMS, email, or phone call) inviting ticket applications at 2 day race entry stage.


Ticket Distribution..

We allocate tickets based on shareholder level and via random selection, rotated based on previous allocations to ensure absolute fairness.


There is a surprisingly high percentage of our owners who either live abroad or wish to follow their horse from a distance and we have supplied over 90% of ticket applications with at least one free ticket..


We strongly encourage as many share holders as possible to come racing as going to a course as an owner is an unforgettable experience win or lose on the day.


Where we have no Platinum shareholders in a horse, or the Platinum shareholders do not take up their ticket allocation the Platinum allocation is added to Gold, discount tickets are available at 50% off and can be used for friends or family.


Every Gold share holder is guaranteed a pair of tickets for their 1st ticket application per year, we purchase these tickets and they are not part of the free allocation distributed on racedays.


We often have access to additional free owners tickets, via unused trainers allocation when multiple horses from the training yard are running, these will be available free of charge to our shareholders if ticket allocation is over subscribed.


Racing Shares Owners Badge (Division Of Free Allocation By Shareholder Level)


Silver - 2-4 tickets (distributed by random draw/ fair rotation).


Gold - 4 tickets and Gold shareholder are guaranteed a pair of owners tickets on their 1st ticket application per calendar year (this ticket allocation is funded by Racing Shares).


Gold Plus - 1 ticket guaranteed per Gold Plus shareholder (maximum of 10 Gold Plus shareholders per horse) (this ticket allocation is funded by Racing Shares)


Platinum 2 tickets (maximum of 2 Platinum shareholders per horse) (funded by Racing Shares)


Note: When you are allocated a free owners badge you may buy additional owners badges for any friends or family with you at the racecourse, normally at a discounted price.